Onsite Inspection

*Tenant Screening Services Nationwide

An On-Site Inspection means a third party company approved by the Credit Bureaus will come to take pictures of where you receive your reports.  This is done to ensure the proper handling of consumer’s information. 

On-Site inspections are mandatory by law in order to run and receive full consumer credit reports.

Having an On-Site inspection will give you Gold Member access.  To complete this process give us a call at 512 285 6078.




Name and Address Identity - Social Security Number Identification - Previous Name and Address Verification - Birth Date - Spousal Information - Employment History and Verification - Public Records and Civil Judgments- Liens and Bankruptcy Reports - Previous Rental History - Consumer Trade Reports - Payment and Loan History - Previous and Current Credit Information - Professional and Reference Verification - Previous Inquiries - FICO/Beacon Score and Summary

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